Terms and Conditions

1. Products and services.

- JPMxchange.com renders the services of funding of E-currencies, Cryptocurrency and electronic payment systems units, both between each other and into the international monetary funds (international currencies) and visa versa. Plus sales of premium Domains.

- JPMxchange.com does not check the competence and legal standing of the the User, the monetary funds that are offered by the User for funding, and does not carry our monitoring of the User operations in any of the electronic payment systems or banking structure (a bank, a credit or investment structure).

- Electronic payment systems and/or Banks are exclusively responsible for the monetary funds entrusted to them by the Users. JPMxchange.com is not a party to the agreement between an Ecurrency, Cryptocurrency or Electronic payment systems and its User is by no means responsible for misuse or abuse of the corresponding system and/or a Bank as well as for functionality abuse of this system by the User. Mutual rights and duties of the User and the electronic payment system and/or a bank are regulated by the rules and agreements accepted in the corresponding system and/or a Bank.

- The services offered by JPMxchange.com are not intended for use and/or are not available in the countries where it is illegal. The User is fully responsible for the local law observance.

- JPMxchange.com has a right to refuse rendering the service without mentioning the reason to any person which he/she will be informed of in the written form.

- JPMxchange.com has a right to terminate the relations with the User in case of getting the information inducing JPMxchange.com to do so.

- JPMxchange.com has a right to suspend service rendering to the User if:

a) The User violates any of the conditions of the present Agreement or any "Additional agreements ".

b) The user is involved in identity theft or has used another persons Atm card,electronic payment system information without their consent.

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